Our Philosophy

The Three S's



Our first priority is always safety.  But not just immediate safety - long term safety too. 

That's why we place such an emphasis on creating a sustainable, healthy foundation of skills. 

That may mean we take a slower approach, do more conditioning and develop discipline and patience.

We do it because we care, because we believe circus arts can be a profound gift of self-discovery and personal growth, and because we want you to love this art for the rest of your life.


Our second priority is your smile.  We want you to enjoy yourself!  Our instructors teach your body, your mind and your heart.

Instruction is always constructive, non-competitive and friendly.

We want our studio to be a sanctuary from the pressures of the outside world - a safe, healthy place for you to grow.


We develop our skill sets in clear, linear progressions, focusing first on safe technique and gradually building up to aesthetic variations.  What you look like doing a skill isn't nearly as important as how you feel!

Our instructors have a passion for anatomy, physical therapy and sustainable movement.

Along the way we cultivate six virtues:

1) Strength

2) Flexibility

3) Balance

4) Endurance

5) Knowledge

6) Creativity

All six are seen as equally important to creating a healthy, powerful artist.