Group classes are ongoing. Sign up for one or more anytime.


Kids' Classes

We offer kids' classes for ages 6-12 in both aerial silks and trapeze. Students spin, hang, climb and play while learning basic aerial skills. Focused training helps students release their creativity, build body awareness, and improve self confidence. All classes are taught over high density gymnastic mats with an emphasis on safety and proper technique. Classes are limited to 6 students maximum for more individualized instruction and each student on their own apparatus.


Aerial Yoga

VaihAyasa is Sanskrit for “being or moving in the air, suspended in the air, sky-dwellers.” An appropriate name for this style of Aerial Yoga that combines the fun of other playful acrobatic aerial, with the grounding and alignment-centered details of more yogic aerial. Using the support of your hammock, sink into your practice, deepen stretches, find proper alignment naturally, and reap the benefits of inversions without strain on the joints of the body (deeper stretches and inversions are entirely optional). No aerial, acrobatic, dance, or yoga experience required. All are welcome!

Trapeze and Lyra


Trapeze and Lyra class covers basic skills that build strength, flexibility and grace. You will learn a vocabulary of moves focusing on correct form, safety and technique. Lyra, or 'Aerial Hoop' is a metal circle that is suspended from a single point. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and the many ways to lift the body onto the hoop. As class progresses students will learn to climb, invert, roll and turn with grace and ease on this beautiful classic circus apparatus. Ankle and knee protection is available to borrow or purchase. Beginners welcome in All Levels classes.


Silks - All Levels

Aerial fabric may only date back to the 1980’s, but it’s quickly become the most famous of circus arts.  Our silks classes focus on creating healthy, sustainable training habits so that you can thrive in the art for decades.  At Level 1, we will be building hand, shoulder and core strength while laying the foundation for effortless inversions and endurance.  In Level 2 we focus more on flexibility, joint control and introduce spinning and drops. At Level 3, we develop balance skills and side rotations as drops and dives get more complex.  Through it all we heavily emphasize shoulder health and core control. At each level a student tests out by creating a personal form - a reflection of their development as an artist.

Silks Monthly Focus

Each month we will have classes designed to focus on a particular skill or technique.  While students are not required to sign up for all the classes that month, it is encouraged as often the work is cumulative and builds on previous classes.  Previous subjects include: Doubles, Belay, Ankle Hangs, Mission Impossible, Crossback Entries, Inversions and more. Any prerequisites will be listed in the specific class description on the schedule.


Rope is one of the oldest and most foundational of aerial arts, with roots dating back thousands of years.  This being Asheville, we will grow our own organic fibers from hops vines and weave them into ropes in sacred ceremonies celebrating our connection to mother Gaia.  Just kidding. We'll be learning how to swing, flip and twist ourselves into shapes in the air while developing hands of steel! While rope shares many skills with silks, we will focus on building the strength and body control to perform movements unique to rope.  What’s unique to rope? Swinging, beats, momentum, flips, grips and more!




Therapeutic Slacklining is a class designed to help strengthen and stabilize our knees and hips.  Along the way we'll explore core engagement and develop a magnificent sense of balance! By no means is this a class just for ‘bros’ or messing around - slacklining is an amazing art that not only develops physical skills, but centers and quiets the mind as well.




Physical Defense and Self Empowerment


Join us for a martial arts class dedicated to practical solutions to everyday safety. We’ll be combining elements of MMA, Filipino martial arts and kung fu to create a fun, safe class that will help plant the skills needed to develop confidence.