"How do I sign up?"

Fill out the registration form on this page and then pick a class from our schedule. It's that easy.

"What classes are good for total beginners?"

Any class that says Beginner, All Levels or Level 1 is appropriate for beginners. Beginners are also welcome in Slacklining and Personal Empowerment.

"What should I wear?"

Wear clothing that covers the backs of your knees and armpits that will stay in place while you’re hanging upside down. No snaps or zippers as they can damage aerial fabric. Socks or slippers are welcome during warm-up, but aerial training is best done barefoot. Please remove all jewelry (rings, earrings, watches, chains) and hair accessories as they can get caught in apparatuses.

"How do I redeem my coupon?"

Log in to your account, or register to create one. Then call or email us with your coupon number and the name of the student(s). We will redeem it into your account so that you can sign up for a class.

"Can I drop by and watch?"

No, sorry. We are shy when we’re sweaty, upside down, or spinning with our legs open. You will thank us when there aren’t a bunch of strangers watching you! You’re welcome to drop by the studio during open workout or contact us to arrange a time to visit.

"I'm out of shape and overweight. Can the equipment hold me?"

Our equipment is rated to hold many thousands of pounds, and there is no better way to get in shape than by having fun when you're working out.

"Can I just try it out first?"

Of course! You can buy just one class or a package. Group classes are ongoing with no start or end date so you don't have to commit to a series.

"But I have more questions!"

No problem. Shoot us a note at staff@aerialspace.org

See a little of what happens in class below. 

Clayton and Jordan of Aerial Fit in Charelston NC. take class with Blue. 

Blue and Alan perform doubles silks at the It's Big Time Circus Aerial Space student showcase.

Sceen on 7 feature on Acro Yoga at Aerial Space.

Michelle Troszak performs on lyra routine at the It's Big Time Circus Aerial Space student showcase.

Aerial kids perform on sling at the winter student showcase.

Aerial space cadet 6 yr old Ava performs straddle slack on sling in Aerial Kids class.