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Trapeze and Lyra


Trapeze and Lyra class covers basic skills that build strength, flexibility and grace. You will learn a vocabulary of moves focusing on correct form, safety and technique. Lyra, or 'Aerial Hoop' is a metal circle that is suspended from a single point. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and the many ways to lift the body onto the hoop. As class progresses students will learn to climb, invert, roll and turn with grace and ease on this beautiful classic circus apparatus. Ankle and knee protection is available to borrow or purchase. Beginners welcome in All Levels classes.


Silks - All Levels

This class covers basic aerial technique, foot locks, climbs, safety skills and choreography on aerial fabric or 'silks'. As class progresses students learn more complex drops, wraps and rolls working safely at their own pace. All Levels classes contain students of beginning to advanced skills. As students gain strength and ability they are given the opportunity to learn aerial routines and test out of their level. Beginners welcome in All Levels classes.

Silks - Intermediate

This class is for students who have passed Level 1 curriculum. The focus is on safety at increased heights, endurance, body awareness, alignment and fluidity in the air. Students will work on Level 2 and 3 skills and on stitching together choreography.



Inner Beast

Move effortlessly in the air! This class is open to all levels and is perfect for new students learning to do first chin-up or experienced students wanting to work on back levers and power moves. Learn how muscles work and how they grow. Classes will focus on developing the legs, core and upper body through body weight exercises to achieve incredible results.